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Matlhohonolofatso Nape

Matlhohonolofatso Nape

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Certified TEFL tutor,Clearing and Shipping Consultant.

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I am Matlhohonolofatso,but prefer to be addressed as Malthony. I am a certified TEFL teacher.I have 5 years working experience as clearing agent,5 years experience as a customer service consultant.I have worked at a preschool in Ladybrand as a teacher for one year.I have seen my student improve drastically and would like to pass my expertise to another platform.This kind of job requires a lot of patience and listening skill.It is then that I realised that I am capable since I meet students with different IQ levels. My perspective about life in general changed when I met my students,I realised in that moment that teaching is a calling not a career.It is about passion of improving other people's lives.It is about giving someone hope about tomorrow,it is about letting someone getting a certain topic wrong yet with all humanity assist them to be right.I believe I am that person who can restore people's dignity.Kindly book a trial lesson with me. I have taught at Ladybrand pre school for a year.I currently do not have any certification apart from TEFL. I was specialising in Linguistics at Ladybrand preschool.I am a Native English speaker,as a result English was one of the languages that I specialised with. I take credit for the improvement of my students pronunciation and grammar building from my previous exprience.It is known that teaching introductory English to students whose mother tongue is different from English is also a challenge.I however managed to improve my student's ability to read and write better. Some students are very difficult,yet I managed to get them to improve their pronunciation and beginner sentences in English. I have also learned that graphics makes work easier,they attract students attention and paint the exact picture of the meaning of the word.In addition to using images, group work used to be ideal since we met in a physical place,however that can not be practical here since it is virtual. I prefer to use teacher centered method, student centered method and total physical response.The teacher centred method is where I will be initiating everything I that I discuss with my student,this will enable me to be prepared for class without mistake.It will give me enough time to research on the topic that I would like to get to with my learner,as a result my graphics will have space for illustrations.The student centered method is where the class will be lead by the student.Areas covered are directed by the interest of the student.The total physical response method is where I use my hands to get to pass information to my learners,the illustrations are important because sometimes accent can be a problem. Where either me or my student do not hear each other we will to resort to writing or making illustrations through our hands.
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