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I'm from Maryland, USA 45 years old I enjoy studying languages (Spanish, Russian, Chinese) I enjoy learning about the human brain and how we learn I love cooking and tasting foods from around the world I cherish making new friends and meeting new people Reading is a favorite pastime Exercise Native English teacher TEFL CERTIFIED Fully customized lessons Articulate, friendly, and fun Over 8 years teaching experience online 会说中文 IELTS preparation expert Conversation role-playing guru Interview Specialist 【Mark's Course Features] Excellent speaking, listening, and writing skills Student-focused lessons Role-play expert Travel English guru Conversational English Speak more naturally Be more comfortable expressing Easily increase vocabulary Story Telling Test Prep S.M.A.R.T Goals set with Test date in mind Individualized Syllabus created Tools to enhance retention of information English Basics Grammar Natural Speech Enhanced Vocabulary Intermediate English Vocabulary More Detailed Grammar Explanation Quick and Natural language production Advanced English In-depth Grammar understanding College level Vocabulary 【Mark’s IELTS Exam Preparation】 Increase your knowledge of higher-level vocabulary Advance your writing skills Learn useful essay structure and composition skills Enhance your speaking and fluency Build confidence
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