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Marija Bogavac

Marija Bogavac

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Professor of Political Science, professional athlete, CEO of company, passionate learner

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HI! My name is Marija Bogavac, I am 26 years old, and I was born and raised in Montenegro, Europe. I have been playing sports since I was 12, and now I am a professional javelin thrower. Last 8 years of my life I have spent in the United States where I studied and lived in three different states, Georgia, Virginia and Ohio. I graduated from the University of Virginia with my bachelor degree in Spanish language and culture, and masters degree in Higher Education. I continued my education by completing another masters degree in Political Science- International Relations at Miami University. Beside being a professional athlete, I am a professor of Political Science at FDES University in Montenegro, CEO of newly founded company that is based in Montenegro. I am always eager to learn and meet new people, research and teach. I love languages as I speak 5 of them myself, and always in hope to learn from my students and people I work with. It is such an exciting time to meet you! As for the teaching experience, it has been only a year since I stepped foot into the professional academic world since I just graduated last year, but in this one year I learned tremendously what it takes to be a professor and teacher, and that is love and patience for your job. My students were mostly age 19-22 as I am teaching at the university, but I find that teaching young kids brings me more joy and satisfaction since they are the ones who need most attention and learning. From my volunteering at various elementary schools I loved every moment spent with kids as they tend to learn fast and be curious about just anything. I believe that with upcoming years I will gain more experience but in order to grow you have to keep learning and this is exactly what I am focused on . I focus mostly on different types of communication. in my opinion, in order for any person to learn valuable lesson from any class it is important to ask questions and understand the topic. My teaching is very open minded, students are welcome to have open dialogue with me, ask and be curious about questions and topics.
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