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9 lessons
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Hey, I’m Maksim, a Russian Language Teacher! Since I have experience of learning and teaching languages, I’d like to help you with Russian, it's my first language! If you have been learning Russian long enough to understand the basics, then you might feel a bit overwhelmed and bored with this language, is it so? All those strange grammar rules seem to be absolutely frustrating, especially for people unfamiliar with Slavic languages. However, I can tell you some good news. Even though this language is not easy, you’re not fated to learn it with boring grammar sheets, textbooks, and dictionaries. The process of learning a foreign language might be incredibly interesting and addictive. As soon as you stop “learning” Russian and start living in it, everything falls into place. And that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you - use Russian on a day-to-day basis. (I speak Russian, English and French) I have 3 years of teaching experience. I'm ready to help you with any of your goal! Some of my students passed TORFL (TRKI) exam at B1, B2 and even C1 level, so I can help you with the preparation for it. My lessons and my teaching style are depending on your goals. If you want to pass an exam - we will focus on that. If you wish to get better speech - we will focus on that, just let me know your goals and wishes. If you wish to get some free tips and content - welcome to my IG "russian_with_maks"
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