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Country flag: Egypt

I'm a writer & an English/Arabic teacher, & known for my passionate, descriptive storytelling. :)

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I would call myself low-key hypersocial! I think that would be a somewhat accurate assessment! I'm usually down to meet new people & connect with them as intimately as humanely possible. I'm fascinated with Philosophy, Social Sciences, History, and Anthropology, which, in a way, made me fascinated with Linguistics, Etymology, and English Literature. I tutored adults at a company for six months. I taught adults & children privately for four months. I taught my eleven-year-old triplet siblings for two years. :) I manage to keep my students engaged/involved by fostering a personal bond with each student to understand where they come from and what works for them and appreciate them as individuals with specific needs and wants. I also try to comfort and reassure them that it's always my pleasure to repeat myself because what matters at the end of the day is that they properly get the moral of the story so to speak. :)
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