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I prepare for exams, DPA and ZNO. I help to master the Ukrainian colloquial language.

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Studied at Oles Honchar Dnipro University. I have a master's degree. Teaching has always been fascinating. She taught children and adults first at a lyceum, college, Kyiv Institute of Municipal Business and Management, and a private school. I have good reviews and recommendations. I am sure that an individual approach gives the best result. That is why she focused her attention on tutoring. I have been preparing for various exams and teaching spoken language for 15 years. After all, language is a source of development! After studying at the university, I am constantly engaged in teaching activities. She always had good results when teaching at a lyceum, institute, and private school. I have been studying the peculiarities of the individual approach to learning and psychology for about twenty years. I am sure that the teacher's personality is always important. Therefore, I am constantly improving myself. I am actively implementing my own method of individual classes. An individual approach based on own experience and modern technologies. I am constantly studying the experience of other teachers. I embody progressive methods that teach to think, analyze, create.
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