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Speaks czech, english, Slovak
Speaks czech, english, Slovak
Hello there! My name is Kristyna, I am a TEFL qualified teacher. Immerse yourself in English, get comfortable and acquire confidence, practise your ability to speak spontaneously, learn how to react to any possible question. I’ve got tons of activities with only one purpose, and that is to get you speaking, challenge yourself and learn as many new words and phrases as possible. CONVERSATION LESSONS Let's have a chat! My activities will get you speaking, you will grow in confidence, you will lose the fear of making mistakes, and you will realise that your English is much better than you thought :) I ask you the questions, give you the inspiration of what to talk about, I fill in your gaps with new words when you struggle, give you synonyms for the words you already know, correct your mistakes and see where you are lacking. LEARN ADVANCED VOCABULARY Interactive lessons in which we will work with articles and videos full of advanced/ proficiency vocabulary which will expand your knowledge PRONUNCIATION LESSONS For those who would like to sound a bit more natural, and perhaps acquire a certain accent. We will have a look at the differences between all kinds of English, we will focus on the most difficult sounds in English, and all of those crazy things the natives do during their speech that make it so hard to understand them sometimes
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