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Hello, everyone. My name is James. I was born in Hebei Province and I'm living in Changsha now. I graduated from University of South China. I love music and sports. I'm also a language enthusiastic. In my spare time, I will learn languages such as French, Japanese, German and so on. I think languages can build bridges between different cultures. We can see a brand new world through a new language. That's why learning a new language is so intriguing and so cool. 1 year experience of teaching Mandarin online I will teach you according to what you need, which may include daily conversations, business conversation, preparation for a job interview or an test, etc. Besides, I will also adjust the course according to the grasp of my contents. The best way to learn a language is to use it. I'll let you practice a lot with me in my class and I’ve got plenty of materials after class for you.
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