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Linguistic Facilitator with Italian Teaching Experience to foreign students.

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134 lessons
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Ciao! My name is Sharon and I am from Italy. I am successfully graduated in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation (chinese). Currently I am working as linguistic facilitator: every day I teach to foreign students - kids, teenagers and adults - that want (or need) to learn italian. My classes are a miniature world: my students come from so many different countries around the world. So I used to understand the difficulties that the first language create in the mind of the learner. I know what does it mean to be a student of languages: hours spent on books, natives don't understand, useless grammatic rules, pronunciation is difficult and so on.. That's why I decided to help how's in trouble with Italian: each of us has a different stories and experiences. Together we can understand which is the best solution for you and I will prepare special and unique lessons according to your needs. ✅ LEARN SMART NOT HARD! My method is focused to create a possible real situation to stimolate the Natural Approach: it is method that focuses on communication skills and language exposure before rules and grammar, similar to how you learn your first language. With me: don't be learn by making mistakes. ☑️ Contact me in DM or via Email [email protected]
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