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Florian Kristel

Florian Kristel

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Experienced IELTS teacher, TEFL certified, 9 years industry experience

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9 lessons
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Hi there! My name is “Florian”, but you can also call me “Flo.” I am a multifaceted individual with many hobbies and interests. I love nature, hiking, traveling and writing. I engage in activities that help me improve as a person, from trail running, marathon running, fashion and beauty, reading and vlogging. I live in the mountainous regions of the Philippines, a place with picturesque mountain backdrops, waterfalls and hidden gems. I’ve traveled around Asia and will be visiting Europe in the future. The three words that would describe me as a person are independent, adventurous and confident. ✔industries: medical (REGISTERED NURSE), e-commerce, sales and marketing, investments ✔hobbies: traveling, running, backpacking, writing, reading, beauty and fashion 9 years teaching experience I am an IELTS specialist and a speaking exam specialist who is well-versed in teaching TOEFL speaking and IELTS. I also teach the FCE speaking test. I’ve taught in some of the best tutor marketplaces and built a competitive profile. I have worked with a variety of nationalities, from China, Japan, Korea, Europe and even America. I constantly read books and update my knowledge as a teacher and an individual so that I can provide the best value for money to my students. I am an expert in teaching the following subjects. ✔IELTS speaking (band score of 7 and above) ✔Conversational English ✔Business English ✔Vocabulary, IELTS vocabulary ✔I also teach ✔TOEFL speaking ✔IELTS writing ✔KIDS English Hello dear students, let me help you with your fluency and confidence by being a supportive and reliable teacher. Book a lesson or send a message and if I am available, we can have the lesson instantly. I create customized lesson plans according to the goals and levels of my students. I have created lesson plans for conversations, vocabulary, grammar and IELTS and I provide PDF files, as well as lesson memo to my students. During the lesson ✔I correct pronunciation and grammar mistakes. ✔I provide materials in the form of PDF files. ✔I type the corrections and send a PDF file after the class. ✔I evaluate your level and give suggestions on how to improve. ✔I recommend books and YouTube channels to watch. ✔I paraphrase your sentences.
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