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certified ESL teacher, certified IELTS teacher, applied linguist, native Persian teacher

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My name is Fereshte. I am 26 years old. I have always been fascinated by teaching, so I always helped my friends who were having trouble understanding their lessons. Since both of my parents are teachers, I guess that is why I am innately interested in teaching. I have earned both a bachelor's and master's degree in teaching English. My mother tongue is Persian, and I am able to teach Persian the same way I teach English. Furthermore, I have attended numerous language conferences so far to improve my teaching skills. As well as teaching, I am a movie enthusiast. I love reviewing and discussing movies and TV series with my students. I believe that a teacher is always a student. I am responsible for maintaining my knowledge by attending workshops and conferences and browsing YouTube. As a teacher, I need to be technologically literate since technology is changing the world drastically, and teachers should not be left behind. As an experienced English teacher and a great learner, I have taught students at all levels, including beginners, advanced students, and IELTS candidates. In addition to attending many teacher training courses for young learners, adults, and IELTS candidates, I have also taught Persian and English in a number of valid language institutes in my country. Additionally to holding classes in person at language institutes, I have been tutoring online for about 3 years using platforms such as skyroom, skype, zoom, Adobe Connect, and Google Meet. Occasionally, I create educational content for my Instagram page, and write educational articles for online magazines in my free time. First, I conduct a needs analysis in my class to learn about my students' goals, needs, interests, strengths, and weaknesses, then I choose the best method and materials. In general, I do not just teach languages with textbooks, but also with other materials such as my own pamphlets, YouTube videos, podcasts, websites, films, and music. The majority of my teaching method is CLT (Communicative Language Teaching), TBLT (Task-based Language Teaching), and for kids, TPR ( Total Physical Response). Since my classes will be held online, my teaching style will be technology-based, using relevant and interesting English websites, films and videos. I am primarily there as a mentor and facilitator. In addition, my classes are student-centered, giving students the voice, choice, and autonomy to control their own learning, and I facilitate their learning process.
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