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PhD level for Accent-Reduction/North American for optimal rhetoric

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86 lessons
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A tech-inspired freelance PhD and education researcher, I often enjoy favorable feedback for my lesson delivery that connects contemporary tools to students' critical challenges. I grew up multilingually in Europe and United States, coordinating employment with educational perspectives to then provide a relevant learning experience for demanding clients and diverse demographics. For instance, my background as a multimedia specialist often inspires creative content, as interactive study materials and digital game elements, that gives students the edge to overcome their most intimidating problems and tasks. I have taught various English topics, including composition, accent-reduction, and creative writing, to diverse demographics, as adult learners, special needs, seniors, and per travelling at global destinations. I have a PhD in E-Learning and Education Technology Leadership and a BA in English from regionally accredited universities. My dissertation is available online and is relevant to my practice and perspective. My style and attitude toward teaching is a balance between subject delivery and reflective, supportive interaction. I seek to enable current research on education for busy, yet goal-driven student interests. This is done through customized online lessons coordinating the experience with optimal resources and tools: ESL and Speech students learn to monitor their own phonological issues with dedicated software/feedback, guiding German students through dialogues and exercises, and ensuring relevant resources for Excel and related productivity lessons.
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