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Dmitry Zubritsky

Dmitry Zubritsky

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15 lessons
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Hello! My name is Dmitry. I'm from Ukraine. I'm a professional teacher with pedagogical education. The main subject I teach is English, but being a Russian/Ukrainian native speaker I can offer those languages as well. My total experience is about 20 years. Also I'm a musician, composer and writer, so I can help you with creative work. You can find my music tutorial channel on YouTube. It's called PekloPtah As mentioned above, I've been teaching for almost 20 years. I used to work at schools but much more effect and results are achieved with tet-a-tet / personal work. So during last 12 years I've been working as a tutor. The ages I prefore are children from 7 to 18, but adults of all ages are my clients as well. As every student is unique, I compose a unique program for every my student. My students get the results. Even if a client asks just for being led through a school program just for a good mark, I insist on studying and clearing up everything at his/her home assignment. So we don't just pass by the textbooks, we work for their results. Also being a musician I have a sharp hearing, I mean flaws of pronunciation, so I focus on its "fixing up". If you are an English native speaker, wishing to study Russian/Ukrainian with me you might here my own flaws for sure, but I guess that much more important is my native pronunciation for those students who are going to learn the Russian/Ukrainian languages. I try to make up a course according to my students wishes. Also we work a lot with literature cause it's a good way of practice towards real speech.
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