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中国黄梅戏 演员 中国文化艺术工作 Actress China HuangMeiXi actress Engaged in Chinese cultrue and art

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Love Chinese, like to explore the mysteries of language, engaged in Chinese Huangmei opera actor, like singing and dancing, have a special hobby is traveling I have been to many countries such as Russia, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, etc. I'm interested in language.I work as a Chinese HuangMei Opera actor.i have a lots hobbies,such as singing,dancing,also traveling.i've been to Russia,Tailand,Singapore,New Zealand,England,Cambodia.. . I work in Chinese culture and art, so I love Chinese very much. When I travel abroad and go to school, my classmates and teachers often listen to me to teach them basic knowledge. I advocate freedom and respect I like a relaxed and comfortable class atmosphere. My classes are more about communication and communication. I accept any topic in my class. Your communication is guaranteed only if you have mastered the basics of oral English. I believe in freedom and respect,more prefer a relaxed class atmosphere.My course is more focused on communication and your speaking skills.i am open to all the topics and glad to listen to the topics that you are interested in.And i'll help you express that out in Chinese. In my opinion, speaking skills is the most important key of Chinese.
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