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Certified ESL teacher with MA in Philosophy and PhD Law.

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13 lessons
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Hello, I am Dr. Christoforos Ioannidis, I am Greek Cypriot, and I am currently in beautiful Limassol, Cyprus:) I was born and raised here, in the island of beauty, became the second member of the national water ski team of my country and skied along my island's sandy beaches since childhood, which was full of studying during school term and water skiing during the summer. Apart from water skiing, another one of my five main passions in life is traveling. I have lived and worked in 6 countries (Cyprus, Greece, the UK, Thailand, the USA and China) and I have traveled to 48 countries, and counting :) I live my life in all directions, connect with people and naturally build rapport with my students. I enjoy helping my learners achieve their full potential, always with a positive attitude:) I have ten years of teaching experience in Law, Philosophy and English, both in groups and one on one, both face to face and online. As regards English, I obtained the CELTA and taught English overseas to learners of all ages, ranging from kindergarten to adults. In particular, I taught kindergarten, junior high and high school at Youth Exchange School. Later, I taught both general and specialised English courses at universities, such as Experiential English, English for Law, English for Economics, English for Business, etc. I am currently teaching learners of all ages who want to generally improve their English, as well as learners who are preparing for specific examinations, mostly TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and GCSE's. I have also taught Law at Queen Mary University, Central China Normal University, The University of Cyprus and Ctl Eurocollege in Limassol, Cyprus. I often tutor undergraduate law students and edit their work. I also teach Philosophy to students online. I focus on the particular learning needs and expectations of each specific learner. People differ not only in talents and natural inclinations (e.g. some are better in speaking, others in writing) but they also differ in terms of expectations. Some learners are in interested in passing a certain exam, whereas others are interested in generally improving their level of competence. Whatever your learnings needs, I am here to identify them and satisfy them. I am very and easy going so when it comes to general English lessons, I begin a conversation and teach you as we go along. I like introducing a different topic each time, and teach you in context - I elicit from you and teach you relevant vocabulary and then we practice in context. I give both general and detailed feedback when I mark your essays, so you get a lot out of every marking of mine. In reading and comprehension, I will teach you certain tips that will help you save time in the exams, such as the main kinds of reading.
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