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Country flag: Turkey

Expert with 7 years of experience in Arabic language

Speaks arabic, english, french, turkish
Speaks arabic, english, french, turkish
Hello and welcome to you, Do you want to learn the Arabic language in an easy and fast way? You only have to try with me for one lesson and then you can judge by yourself. I'm a native Arabic speaker and I speak English, Turkish and French. I worked with non-native speakers for 7 years and I still work in this field. I have 2 years of experience in teaching online Arabic for non-native speakers. I worked in different places in Turkey and France in teaching non-native speakers. I will not only teach you the Arabic language, but I will teach you how to learn the language by yourself. At the moment I'm a teacher at Mehmet Emin Saraç high school. I worked for 3 years at ISAR vakfı. I can't wait to start with you, because I really like to show different feelings about learning Arabic. If you have any questions I would like to reply to your questions. Go ahead, don't hesitate, and let's start our first lesson :)
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