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Dynamic teacher with 22 years of experience in Training Business English, Conversational English, and Marketing; with an extensive track record as a training manager within the Hospitality Industry, meeting the needs of a diverse student population. I am a native speaker, born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. I now live and work on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, in Thailand. My interests are: ⚡Adventure travel ⚡ Cultures ⚡ Languages ⚡ Sports ⚡ Fitness ⚡ Hiking ⚡ Camping ⚡ Motorcycle racing ⚡ Photography ⚡ Certified Business English Instructor (2000-2017 In Hospitality Industry) ⚡ 20+ years of experience Teaching English Conversation ⚡ BA in Literature Arts ie English ⚡ MBA in Marketing ⚡ Expert with Conversational Courses ⚡ Certified TEFL Tutor ⚡ +10000 Online Teaching Sessions since 2017 (All around the world) In our trial lesson: ⚡ Your Current level ⚡ Student`s needs analysis ⚡ Comprehensive plan ⚡ Your strengths and weaknesses ⚡ Personalizing the upcoming course Conversational English: ⚡ Understanding & Critical Thinking ⚡ Fluency & Accuracy ⚡ Lexical and Grammatical Range ⚡ Functional Language Business English: Become an expert at BUSINESS ENGLISH! ⚡ Needs analysis for designing your lessons ⚡ Speak English fluently in your workplace ⚡ Working on all required skills such as: ⚡ TELEPHONING ⚡ ENGLISH LETTERS ⚡ JOB INTERVIEW ⚡ GIVING PRESENTATIONS ⚡ NEGOTIATING ⚡ MARKETING ⚡ EMAILS and etc. My lessons will be about stories rich in vocabulary. I will Present the subject, we will Practise using the vocabulary, then we will work on how to Produce the grammar so it relates to you, and the conversations you use: Modeling answers and demos to use in real-life conversations. If vocabulary comes up that you are not familiar with, I will give you three examples for the word, then ask you what you think the meaning is? Then you will understand the meaning and how it can best be used in a sentence. We will explore the MEANING, the FORM, and the PRONUNCIATION of the vocabulary we are using in our discussions. Please be prepared to speak at least 40%, working your way up to 70% of the session. I want to make sure you get the most value for your time with me. I will rephrase sentences that you've spoken incorrectly, but in an incorrigible, reinforcing way so as to not make you feel self-conscious but confident to pursue your journey into exploring what you can convey in conversations.
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