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I'm 24, I'm from The Dominican Republic. I've been tutoring for 2 years, I've taught nurses, speech therapies, bankers and people from the age of 20 to 60, beginner and people with a high level of Spanish. I like to draw, write, read, videogames, history, movies, show etc.. I've learned by actually teaching language partners. At first, I did it for free, but I was suggested that I should become an formal tutor because they really like my explanations on Spanish and such. I've been working as a tutor ever since. First I review my student's Spanish level by asking a serie of questions so I can make a study plan for them. My classes are usually based on conversation because using the language is very important and me analizing my student's Spanish so I can give them constant feetback. I always take notes for my students and give it to them at the and of every class because I think it's better that they focus on talking and my explations rather than taking notes themselves all the time. I do videos, grammer explantion, picture descriptions, telling annecdotes, reading books, how to give an opinion, everything that helps my students to better express themselves. And I share a lot of resouces to learn their target language. Usually, I don't leave homework other than reviewing the notes that I take for my students and always recommending them to watch content in their target language.
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