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Hola,hola! I'm Anaïs Lanka from the beautiful Barcelona! If you are reading this I'll probably will be in Spain, Portugal, Austria or Germany. It depends of the week ;) I'm addicted to travel, passionate about languages, diving and exploring different cultures through my students. I love talking, listening and whatever is related to communication and learning something new. I think that a foreign language can give us much more of what we can imagine. It brings us a new culture, better communication skills, empathy, help us in taking decisions and our brain becomes faster because new neuronal paths are created. (hey, it's true! There are studies about all this that I'd love to share with you!<3). I consider myself an active, creative and resolutive person, always open-minded and respectful with other cultures. My friends say I have a good sense of humor so I hope it's true Soo, enough about me. Now it's your turn! Who are you and how can I help you? Cheers! I was technology engineer.After travelling around Asia I became a diving instructor whose job let me travel a lot but I realised that I'd not be young and fit forever. So.. I realised that I was getting old and ugly and after teaching underwater my next step was going up to the surface an teach languages so I got certified as a Spanish teacher by 'Int. House', got an E-learning speciality and postgraduated in Spanish teaching. I've been teaching since teenager, but oficially and related to languages I've been working since 3 years ago and last 2 years focused on teaching to business I'm a tech woman, so I love tools and dynamic classes. My classes are conversation and task based. This means that the lesson has a real-life objetive and grammar is learned on the background. Don't you still have a trauma from your school years, spending hours and hours repeating tables of grammar? I do! and I hope you expect something more motivating and useful than that:D
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