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I'm from Clearwater, Fl. I'm a first generation Hispanic American born and raised in New Jersey, United States. I'm married newly wedded, she is from the Philippines. My wife and I enjoy traveling frequently, and enjoy hiking on occasions. I also enjoy going to the cinemas with my wife. I love art, I am an artist by nature. I love to do digital design, and if time permits, paint. We have no kids...yet. Lol. I have done various tutoring through out my years from conversation, lesson oriented classes of different ethnic groups such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and South American natives who desired to improve their English skills. I tutored different age types. From first grade levels, to college students, and business men. Depending on the requests of my students, will determine if I will use a lesson based book for a course to follow, or simply doing conversations discussing different topics. If they do request a lesson, I will allow them to pick which workbook that can downloaded via PDF, virtually so there will be a breakdown of each session of each lesson. Depending on their level, which I will test my student first to determine at what level they are at in English, will be a key factor on which lesson will be started. So for example, each lesson has a section of topics to be completed before moving on to the next lesson. Lesson topics range from grammar exercises, vocabulary learning, and practices in the workbook. For more of my advanced level students, most likely can be conversation style tutoring if they desire. Based on my experience, most of my advanced students intend to usually go with conversation style tutoring, and just correct their grammar along the way, as well as vocabulary help.
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