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Aleksandra Vujmilovic

Aleksandra Vujmilovic

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TEFL certified ESL Teacher

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Hello, world! My name is Aleksandra. My nationality is Slovak but I come from Serbia. I speak three languages in total: Serbian language, Slovak language, and English language. I am an easygoing and very communicative person, and I constantly seek new experiences in life. I like gardening, watching Netflix, traveling, arts, writing, and spending time in nature. As of this moment, I'm also a student at the University of Education in my hometown. I see myself as a warm and caring teacher. Which means: As I tend to nourish the positive energy in my private life, I like to transfer it to my classes with the students, too. I usually do my best to create a friendly and positive environment, as the learning process should be fun, and interactive. I'm TEFL certified, I have 3 years of experience and my classes are based on students' needs and motivation. I use my own materials for teaching. During the lesson, I focus on the student's weakest points, we practice everything together and I usually make a personal wordlist with definitions of all the words he/she might be able to check after the lesson. After the lesson, the student will be given homework (this one is optional and it depends on the student) and the materials we worked on, so they can always look back on everything we did so far; in some cases, I use also Teacher Books/Student Books for my lessons when it comes to B1-B2 level that usually requires more grammar which the student will be given when we start our journey together. During our first class together, we can get to know each other, I will show you around the virtual classroom we will be working in and, of course, discuss your goals and interests and how can I help you reach them. I use many different materials for teaching which I will show you during the trial lesson. After that, we can choose and adapt the material according to your needs and goals. I am willing to assist you throughout the whole process of learning and I am always reachable in the chatbox should you have any questions or concerns. Before booking a lesson, please contact me so we can arrange the precise date and hour. Sometimes the availability of my calendar doesn't reflect my own availability and according to that, I might be able to offer you some additional slot according to your needs or let you know if the one you are looking for is completely okay (it usually is, it is just for precaution).
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